What I Learned in Mexico

This was originally posted on my church’s blog. You can see the original post here.

Since 2012, I’ve gone each year on the church’s mission trip to the Rio Bravo Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico. Before 2012, I’d never even considered going, despite hearing of the trip for years. But given the opportunity, I took it and immediately fell in love with the place and people. As we come back each year and tell our story, there are always lessons that are learned along the way. We always learn new skills, but the spiritual lessons are the most valuable. Here is what I took away. Continue reading >

When the Church Shows Up

This was originally posted on my church’s blog. You can see the original post here.

I’m startled awake. It’s bright. Silent. Weirdly silent. I’m in the family van and we were driving home. Why are we stopped? As the blur turns into focus, I feel my head pounding and hear crying. Who’s crying? Is that Logan? He has always been a crier… no surprise there. Man, my head is pounding. I feel my hand lifting to my head in a weird attempt to stop the pain, then I feel warmth and wetness. I recoil to look at my hand. What is that? Staring at my hand I see…blood. Lots of blood. Enough blood that everything is definitely not okay.


I see a rush of movement to my left. I flinch, unsure if it’s something that could hurt me, and cut my eyes that direction. A face stares back at me and reaches up to knock on the van window. Continue reading >