Hi, I’m Kurtis Hanni. I work, play, read, and pray.

Work. I’m an accountant, MBA, (soon to be) CPA, and efficiency advocate. While I love my numbers, I strive to do all thing better. I’m interested in tackling problems in unique ways to make business run better.

Play. I’m highly competitive. I play golf, basketball, and anything else I can beat you at. In the past I’ve ran and rode bikes and hiked and picked up many more hobbies. Really, I just like to do anything to keep me active.

Read. One of my main goals in life is to never stop learning. I’ve read more books some years and less the next, but each year I learn more. I strive for deeper understanding, seek to challenge my beliefs, and love to debate. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I need to debate less and listen more, and that’s a good thing.

Pray. This really encompasses so much more, but I live for my savior Jesus Christ. I’ll post my unique insights from time-to-time, because I sometimes cannot help myself. I get excited seeing God work in my life and others, and hope you do as well.

I’m married to my wonderful and talented wife, Samantha. She’s an amazing writer, so please check out her blog: mrshanni.com

I also have a passion for learning myself and mentoring or directing others to a more full life.