An Argument for the Middle

It has been happening for a while, but this election has taken it even further. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the earth shaking partisan-ism happening in our politics. It is maddening. If aliens came down and watched our candidates or politicians, they’d determine we’re not worth the effort to overtake. No one wants to be around someone who argues all the time, but that is what politics has became.

I want to make an argument for the middle. Quit making crazy statements. We need middle ground, but unfortunately it appears we’ve had an earthquake and middle has fallen out. Blame it on fracking, amiright?

First, I’m going to bring up some issues were we’ve cut the middle out of the discussion. Next, I’m going to address how I think we can fix it.

Where’d the middle go?


It’s either full on governmental health care or free market solution. If you’re all for government health care, the other people are insane. If you believe in free market, you’re a sick capitalist.

But what about the middle? The truth is we have millions without insurance. No one can afford it, because it’s stinking expensive. I’ll tell you this much: Obamacare is not the answer. My insurance has gone up 300% in 3 years. I now have a $6,000 deductible, and I started the process with a $500 deductible. But that’s because the solution is horrible. That doesn’t mean all solutions are horrible. Why is it what it is?

You can come up with many reasons, but the ACA solution is what it is because of special interests. This is the real enemy that we need to be fighting. Here is the reality: if you have a government mandate, a 10% gross income tax penalty, and expansion of medicare to cover those uninsured, you’d solve the healthcare problem. Sky high premiums would go down, because everyone would have something. But Republicans can’t accept that. It’s a “government” solution. The liberals cannot accept that, because it’s not full on government healthcare. How about we quit worrying about government or not, and worry about what’s the best solution?


It’s either let them all in or send them all back. There is no middle ground. But why? Reality is we cannot send them back. But reality doesn’t matter, just pandering. But we don’t need to let them all in. We need to take direction from others. There is a middle ground, and the other people aren’t evil.

Common sense solutions are out there, and there are ways to not kick everyone out but be able to create more accountability. However, any Republican who comes across the aisle to create a solution is a traitor and an Democrat who is in favor of any penalty is hurting the electorate.

Tax Rates

Are tax rates too high or too low? I cannot figure out at this point. Big government people think the rich can pay for it all. Small government people think the rich are overburdened. Reality is, tax rates aren’t the issue. The tax code is the issue. Some rich people have high effective tax rates while others are off the hook. We need to make it fair. And fair isn’t tax the rich at 75% and the poor at 0%. Or it isn’t 25% across the board. It is reform, it is ignoring special interest, it is coming up with something that allows the US to be competitive globally but funds our government and decreases the deficit.

Foreign policy

It isn’t dissolve the military, but it isn’t bomb the wives and children of Isis either. The reality is the US has created a lot of enemies. We need to have real discussions on how to solve this. The reality is also this: the US cannot police the world. Other countries have to step up. Until we stop policing, it will be all our responsibility. But this isn’t a call to do nothing, or become an isolationist. This is a call to look reasonably, keep a strong military, and have world leadership. But we’ve got to stop with all the dirty work.

How can we solve it?

Think critically and form your own opinion

The 24 hour cycle doesn’t help. Don’t listen to the talking heads. They’re just insane. The loudest yeller gets the TV show. This doesn’t mean the smartest, or most reasonable voice is on air. Previously reasonable people are now insane to get ratings. Smart and reasonable people are pandering to get ratings and stay on air.

Too many siren articles are being shared, because people aren’t thinking critically. It’s better to read the opinion of someone you disagree with than of someone you agree with. You’ll learn more and be able to better state the reasons for your stance.

Kick out special interests

The money required to run for office and get elected is exorbitant. The amount of money in politics in general is sickening. Here is something we should all agree on:

  • If you’ve only ever been in elected office, you shouldn’t be a millionaire.
  • Companies shouldn’t be hiring lawyers and people specifically to lobby Congress.
  • Those in office should write the bills. Too many outsiders are writing the bills.

Election finance reform, restrictions on investments of those in public office, and term limits would go a long way to getting special interests back in their right place.

Also, quit kicking the can down the road

This kinda goes to the last one. If we kick special interests out and limit terms, elected officials wouldn’t be so afraid to act. They’re afraid to act because they’ll lose their funding. They’re afraid to act because reforming social security means they’d lose a lot of votes. BTW, social security wasn’t named above because everyone’s afraid. And it could be one of the biggest issues.


Listen, I’m no genius. This isn’t something that others haven’t discussed. But it is something that isn’t discussed enough. We need to solve problems, not villianize.