Buy “Change the Conversation,” a book for Christian teens on dating!

Christian teen dating. What is it? What does it mean? What are the rules? One thing is for sure: there has been a lot written about it. But this time it’s different. My wife, Samantha Hanni, has written a book on Christian dating that I believe is a breath of fresh air. I’m so proud of her!

Growing up, I was given rules, guidelines, instructions. It was all overwhelming. It was too much and too daunting. Of the church youth I grew up with, only a few held to those guidelines. Why is the failure rate so high? Many reasons could be the culprit: lack of commitment, lack of conviction, mostly internal problems.

But Samantha argues that the church has played some role in teens’ skewed expectations, unanswered questions and limited vision of God’s heart toward purity, relationships, marriage and even sex. We’ve approached dating and purity with a checklist mentality when it shouldn’t be. Checklists are easy, but it’s the reason so many millennials are turning away from Church and their faith. Millennials want relationships and realness, which are often messy. It’s something that sterile lists cannot account for. Statistics bear this out, so what can the church do to change this?

Samantha has laid out a mindset for teens to consider while they’re dating or approaching dating age. The book discusses purity, sex, and expectations. I find it refreshing, but I’m probably a little biased. But read it for yourself!

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