God By Your Side

In Mike Keahbone’s sermon this week he spoke on God being our shepherd and His love for us. He spoke how God is there every moment, every second, never leaving your side. He has the whole world to tend to, but you’re important enough that he tends to you.
But what does this really mean? I have a few thoughts…

God is always by your side, and at the same time by the side of us all. He can recall anything in your life, better than even you. That high moment that you’ve long forgotten or even that small thought of sin. God remembers all. This is comforting but also not so comforting.

Always by your side is comforting but also seems chaotic. If he’s here and there, could he really focus on you? He’s God of course, but it’s like multi-tasking. You can do 2 things, but with each the work suffers a little. You could look at those around you, and even yourself if you’re being honest, and see where God’a work “suffered”. Where we didn’t live up to something we were supposed to. Or the other person was the problem, of course. If you’re really doubting God, it’s easy to think he’s not focusing on you. It just doesn’t make sense by our world’s rules.

But this is where we sell God short. Since God isn’t confined by the same rules of the universe (since He made them), His idea of walking by your side is way different than ours.

Typically our answer to this is that God isn’t us and he can be everywhere with all his focus. Because we know we do matter. God has told us that, and if we believe His promises it’d be stupid to doubt Him.

This is where I had a vision: God, not being confined to space or time does spend your whole life with you… but what if it’s just you and Him… walking that walk of life. No split attention. What if He walked your life with you, then went back and walked with your friend. God’s sole attention on you. WOW. The strength that should give us.

I almost think when we get to heaven, God will show us how he was by our side. And not just there, but there alone. There and nowhere else at the same time. God had His undivided attention on us. Because we’re that important to Him and his kingdom.

And here is the deal: the image He gave me blew my mind. But the reality, once we’re walking with Him in heaven, is probably even crazier than that. And that’s totally awesome and totally a God thing.

Since God isn’t confined by time or space, what this means to Him is different than what it means to you. But the image is a good one.