Introverts Are Good At Business

Myself being an introvert, I think we can bring a lot to the world. But, as more research is done on introverts, it’s showing they’re very powerful business forces. Introverts are included among some of the great start-up entrepreneurs in our history: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few.

But what can we learn from this? If we adopt a few of the below qualities, all strong in introverts, we can be better business people. Even if we don’t own a business or haven’t started a business, we can learn from this.

Don’t seek external approval

Introverts are very internally focused and one thing that can get business owners down is outside expectations. Outside forces can be a driver, but when things aren’t good and the outlook is negative, become an introvert.

Remember why you are doing your thing, remember where you’re going, and only worry about you. The rest can be dealt with later, but if “you” is right, the outsiders will eventually come around.

Listen More

When you’re talking, you cannot be listening.

They can make unexpected connections because they’re more focused on information input than output. And they’re often good at connecting disparate dots.

Introverts are very good at taking information and connecting dots, per WSJ. Sometimes in business we talk our way through problems, when a little bit of quiet might allow our mind to focus more deeply. In negotiations, many wouldn’t expect introverts to do well, but the quiet can be scary. That extrovert salesman may give up more than he ever intended to, just because your quiet scares him. Quiet is also harder to read. By not having your emotions on your shoulder, you’re keeping things closer to the vest.

Tighten your circles

This is very much a Christian oriented idea, but I believe you need to deepen your impact. Extroverts will more likely go wide and shallow verses narrow and deep. Deep relationships energize and allow much more personal growth. Every business owner wants to make an impact to as many as possible, but research shows we can only carry on a limited number of friendships which also means we’re limited in our number of deep and meaningful relationships. Be intentional about those, and you’ll find yourself more energized, with more time, and more focused on your goals.

Even if the business side isn’t for you, we can learn from this post. As an introvert, this is encouragement. I’ve always felt limited, but I’m only limited by the chances I take, the things I do. If you’re an extrovert, this helps you read others. I think both introverts and extroverts can learn from the other. Because learning means you’re winning at life.