My top 5 sporting events dream list

With the Masters this week, it got me thinking… what are the 5 sporting events most want to attend. Obviously every male sports fan has a similar list in their head. And everyone’s list is going to be different.

So here is mine.

5. The Olympics. Summer, winter, whatever. The whole specitical, the whole country pride thing… I’m all about extreme and I’m all about my country.

4. BCS National Championship. The whole setting would be a lot of fun. You have fans from both schools, it’d be fun to take in the atmosphere before the game. The one problem you have is corporate seats. Any event with a vast amount of corporate seats automatically moves down the list. You have too many people without affiliation, and I crave that crowd roar.

3. The Superbowl. For many, this would be higher up the list. And believe me, I do love football. And #4 isn’t bad. But in this situation, as I found out with the Final Four, too many corporate tickets. It would be cool, but not as cool as I’d always imagined. Part of the commercialism of this event has turned me off, but it’s the most watched event in the world. Most sports fans would put this event #1 on their list and for good reason… So here it is on mine as well.

 2. NBA Finals.

With the Thunder, I could see it this year… What would a game 7 be like? I doubt you could find a more raucious atmosphere. I remember the very first playoff game in Thunder history against the Lakers. I thought the building was shaking. I’m sure it wasn’t, but it rivaled anything I’ve ever seen. The blue out, the whiteout, the pinkout… okay maybe not. Just yesterday evening OKC played Miami and the game was extremely physical. The Miami fans were chanting “Westbrook SUCKS”. This is what is from what is considered to be one of the worst crowds in the NBA. OKC, at the other end of the spectrum is considered to be one of the best. I’d suggest earbuds…

And #1….

1. The Masters. This is what brought on this post. The exclusivity of the event is what got me thinking… I’d love to go. So much history, and such a setting. I’ve been to a few golf tournaments. The US Open at Southern Hills, Senior PGA at Oak Tree, Senior PGA at Gallardia, and the NCAA Championships at Karsten Creek. And all of those hold a special spot in my heart. But I doubt any could hold a candle to the Masters.

Keep in mind, that if OSU were to make it to the BCS Title game, that would automatically jump to #1. But each of these is assuming no affiliation and therefore the reason for the order of my list.

Honorable Mention:

6. The British Open. Being a golfer, there is something about going back to the point that it all started. I’ve always wanted to play a round overseas, and someday I will. Playing at a St. Andrews could be the penniacle of my sporting life.

7. Wimbledon. I’ve never been a tennis person, but this goes back to history… just like The Masters and The British Open. This has serious history behind it and I’ve heard great things about the crowd.

8. World Series. A few years back, this would have been in my top 3. But my interest in baseball has decreased, and so has my interest in this event. Despite my weighning interest, there is still something about a historic ballpark. A Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Wrigley Field… I attended a baseball game at the old Yankee Stadium a few years back, and I can’t begin to imagine what a World Series would be like.

9. The Final Four. This is something I have done. There was a little damper put on it because OSU lost… but it was still a great event. There are two reasons this is so low. First, the corporate seats. I’ve mentioned it earlier, but it really does kill the atmosphere and puts the true fans in the bad seats. Second, the dome. They need to move this back to a basketball arena that will put the tickets back in high demand(you could get a Final Four ticket this year for $30).

There is my list, with a little extra. What is everyone else’s top 5?