My Wife

My wife is amazing. I struggle with words most times, but she’s a natural. She wrote this wonderful post about us newbies at marriage(because 3 years isn’t long).

Now, this stuff is completely out of my arena. I don’t feel emotions well. I also don’t remember well. My wife has become my memory. So many childhood memories have faded away, but none of my marriage memories will fade. Why is that? Because I have her to remember for me. I also poke fun at her and joke that she’s making the conversations or memories up, but I know she isn’t.

She is so many things I’m not, and in the process she has helped me learn. Learn to have emotions I didn’t have before, but also be the sounding board for my ideas, dreams, and plans. I’m sure my rambling, ranting, etc. can grow old quickly, but she never lets on. Now, I cannot say I do the same. When she wants to talk, I can be found many times getting impatient. I don’t know why really, just bad habits. But every time I get mad at myself, because I know it can hurt her.

Despite all this, you would never know any of that unless I told you. That’s because we’ve made a pact to only speak the best of each other. And something weird has happened, she has made me believe the best about myself. It’s amazing how that works, and I cannot imagine my life without her.

I can go on, but you get the point. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in life, and something she has convinced me I deserve.