Our Willpower: How it drives us and what this means

I recently read an article on the power of your willpower. Why do some people have a lot of willpower and others don’t? Why are some things so easy to “be strong” on and others so hard? Everyone asks themselves these questions, but we are all left wondering…
This article references a study that shows that willpower is like a muscle… it develops and gets stronger when you put it to use. More “exercise” of your willpower, and your willpower gets stronger. The research also showed that willpower in one area of your life often rubs off and gives you willpower in other areas of your life. It also shows that willpower will tend to be weaker after you’ve exerted yourself and decrease some of your “willpower reserve.”
As the article states, this shows the importance of exercise. Willpower and the power of our mind has always been a topic that I’ve been fairly passionate about. I feel that our mind has the power to change literally almost anything and everything we know about ourselves. Your mind is THAT POWERFUL. Isn’t that a crazy thought? With that in mind, let’s look at what society says:


These people in poverty need help. Yes they do. They are stuck in a rut. Why are they stuck in a rut? Because that’s “how they were born”. But why do some get out of those situations and others don’t? It comes down to a mind issue. Train yourself up, and strengthen yourself. These are the people you see leave these bad situations and never turn back. This is also my main sticking point with government welfare. Without accountability, you are training people to be dependent on the money they get. With dependency, you end up wanting more, more, more. The only way to change people for the better is to help them change. Handing them a check each week isn’t helping them change, it’s creating a dependency which the brain relies on.
I can’t change the way I am. This by itself is a self-defeating attitude. You can change the way you are. Look back at your life and you will see how you’ve evolved based off the information you’ve taken in. I’ve seen it in my own life. If you haven’t seen it in yours, it’s because you haven’t taken the time to truly reflect or you’re purposefully ignoring it. We often blame our actions on “being yourself” or “I can’t help it”. Reality is, if you try hard enough, you can. There is scientific proof that we can change the chemical reactions in our brains over time, so what’s to say you can’t alter any other personality trait or seemingly permanent truth about yourself? Just as this change was caused, this change can be reversed.
How does this change who we are and how we act? It’s actually very simple. No matter what you do, how you respond, you can change it. With time and practice, that is. It seems in today’s society, so many are afraid to change. They want to blame their circumstances or responses on others, instead of taking responsibility for what they are. This also means YOU CAN DO IT. You can become a better person, you can achieve all you wanted to achieve. Yes, we are all different, and this will all be at a different level of difficulty for each individual. But just because it’s more difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

How does this relate to our relationship with God? As a Christian, I look at everything through this question. We ultimately choose our situation in life. We can choose how to react to a negative stimulus. If we react the same way over and over, that becomes a “trained” part of our life. We need to consciously change the way we think, to think on the things that are of God and for God. Adjusting our responses to things that serve and honor God will ultimately make us a better person. This is both an encouraging realization and a scary one. Scary that we’ve allowed ourselves to reach the point of depravity that you currently see. But encouraging that we can reverse it. We can change our current reality and make it a better one.