My Wife

My wife is amazing. I struggle with words most times, but she’s a natural. She wrote this wonderful post about us newbies at marriage(because 3 years isn’t long).

Now, this stuff is completely out of my arena. I don’t feel emotions well. I also don’t remember well. My wife has become my memory. So many childhood memories have faded away, but none of my marriage memories will fade. Why is that? Because I have her to remember for me. I also poke fun at her and joke that she’s making the conversations or memories up, but I know she isn’t. Continue reading >

3 Steps (or Tips) to Coping with Stress

The Oklahoma State tragedy cast a dark shadow over what would’ve been a normal weekend. I was lucky to not be directly affected, but I know many who are. I hurt and am sad for all those struggling right now, and I know no words will be enough. No matter how many times we go through tragedy, we still struggle with loss and our reaction to the events. What is normal and what is not? How can keep going with daily life?

Since one of the victims was a UCO MBA student, the UCO counselors came to my class last night and led an open discussion, allowing people to talk. At first I was hesitant, but it ended up being a very good exercise. In discussing coping mechanisms, I realized this not only applies to tragedy, but also in many other areas of life. Continue reading >

Introverts Are Good At Business

Myself being an introvert, I think we can bring a lot to the world. But, as more research is done on introverts, it’s showing they’re very powerful business forces. Introverts are included among some of the great start-up entrepreneurs in our history: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few.

But what can we learn from this? If we adopt a few of the below qualities, all strong in introverts, we can be better business people. Even if we don’t own a business or haven’t started a business, we can learn from this. Continue reading >