Why do we fear evangelism?

What is evangelism? In the dictionary it is defined as “the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.”

But what do we really think it is? I think traditionally we associate it with publicly professing Jesus Christ as Lord and encouraging others to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. But lets be real, this is intimidating. This is scary. And this is something most of us won’t do. We can come up with many reasons, but ultimately many of us are not confident. Most of us wonder what others will think. Continue reading >

When Words Don’t Mean…

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled that words don’t mean what they mean. To be less vague, the Supreme Court ruled that while ACA was written to say that subsidies were only available through health care exchanges established by states, there was nothing wrong with the government handing out subsidies to individuals who received health care through the federal exchange. See more details here.

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled that words don’t mean what they mean. Continue reading >

Read Your Bible, the right way

In a previous post I discussed how we can sometimes speed through our daily lives and not focus on the important things. It’s too easy to read the Bible by “speed reading” to get to the end.

In the book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, they discuss understanding the historical context of what you read. Today, I find this all so appropriate as in the social and main stream circles too much of the Bible is misunderstood. As Christians, we have failed horribly at being able to correct these misunderstandings because we do not know the history or context. Continue reading >