3 Ways to Keep Doing the Work You Love

A few years ago at work, there was a project that required the expertise of an outside party. We needed something very specific created for the software we use, so I called our account representative and explained what it was we needed. After the initial call, he connected us with their internal expert and fixer. On this call, the fixer came across as goofy. He didn’t seem very concerned with my problem and when I asked questions or for clarifications, he couldn’t provide great answers. I got to the point of questioning his ability to do the task. My thought was “Why did they give me the new guy? I’m going to ask for someone else after he screws this up.” I was frustrated because I knew it’d be a waste of my time. On the call, I was not impressed with this fixer. I know a little about how to create the solution but was not in a position to do the work. As the fixer met all of the requirements with sighs and responses of doubt, I became a little frustrated. On top of this, I was concerned his skill level might not be high enough and we’d end up being charged more hours than if we had a more experienced fixer handling the project. I even considered going back to the account rep and expressing that we’d like to get someone else to work on the solution.

After the call, I was sent an agreement for the services and asked a few follow-up questions. In the email signature of the fixer, the title was “VP/Co-Founder.” As soon as I saw this, I froze. What is the VP/Co-Founder of a 30-year-old company with a growing employee count doing working on my simple little need? Continue reading >

On Completion: Don’t Settle for Less and Celebrate Progress

It has been three-and-a-half years since we bought our house. If you’ve known us through this time, you’ve heard us talk about our renovations and all the projects we’ve been working on, which seem to be never-ending. While we’re not done, we’re coming towards the end (we only have 10-15 projects left instead of an uncountable number) and can see the finish line in the distance. One of those projects was redoing our front and back yard.

When we first looked at the house, we knew it would be big project, but in true rookie fashion, we were optimistic that we’d be able to get all the projects done in short order. Continue reading >