The Power of “Go”

I’m currently reading the book The Insanity of God, which┬áis amazing. I’m sure you’ll see a full review from me on it in the near future. The book tells a story of a family living in Siberia running out of food. They pray to God for his provision. At the same time a leader of the church they attend is awoken by God and feels led to take the family food. The leader starts thinking of all the reasons he cannot do it.

He’ll freeze to death in the storm.

If he manages to make it, he couldn’t make it back.

The wolves would attack his horse, and he’d be eaten or left for dead.

It could just wait… or could it? He felt God’s urging to just go. Now. Trust him. Sure enough, he went, and things worked out. He didn’t get eaten and the family go the food they’d so desperately needed.

So far in this book, that seems to be the message: just go. God has plans for our life, and if we don’t listen to his voice, we’ll miss out on the great things he could have in store for us. Just go means you don’t question God’s wisdom, because if anyone has it, it’s God.

Why you should just go

You could save a life

Haven’t we all heard the stories? Someone felt God’s urge to contact a friend or go see someone. When you call or get there, the person was on the verge of the unimaginable. Even if not that dramatic, sometimes it is exactly what the other person needed. Whether it be a late night text or phone call or just stopping in, the value of listening to God’s pull can effect the trajectory of the other person’s life.

You could miss out on amazing friendships

Listening immediately and creating the situations we discussed above can create friendships that won’t break. Those that have been there during the hardest times end up becoming the closest. They’re the ones you’re most likely to go to when times get difficult. They’re the ones you tell first when something happens in your life. These friendships don’t happen without a level of realness and transparency that can only come from being sensitive to God’s voice.

Each time we tell God no, his voice is harder to hear

I think we know this, but we don’t realize when it’s happening. I’ve been doing some never-ending home renovations. In the process, we’ve used all sorts of mortar, paints, etc. that have smelled. When you’re applying it, the smell is overwhelming. You open the windows, turn on fans, and after a little bit, it seems the smell isn’t there anymore. Only, it really is. When we’d go out to dinner or run an errand and come back home, the smell would be overwhelming again. So did the smell just…reappear? NO, OF COURSE NOT! The smell was there the whole time, we just got used to it. In the same way, each time we tell God no, we “get used to it,” and have a tougher time discerning his voice.

I won’t make any promises I cannot keep, but this is why I like to read and stay in God’s word. This keeps me fresh, alert, and ready to rock and roll. I still fail constantly, and God gets it. But if we’re not intentionally moving closer to God, we’re slowly creeping away.