To Remember

Life is about remembering. I know I’m really bad at it. Most childhood memories mean so little to me that others have to remember them for me. So many times I’m jealous of what other people remember.

So I questioned, why is that?

I didn’t care

I told myself I did, but many times I didn’t. And this isn’t a good “I don’t care” like forgetting when someone calls you a name. This is the bad kind. The kind that happens when you don’t value relationships or experiences. This is the negativity that can overwhelm us.

I didn’t try

Too many times I can look back and see where my effort wasn’t what it should have been. This is all too common looking at my years in high school. I love to learn, but school? Nah, who needs school? I really just let others influence me. That guy doesn’t care? Guess I won’t either.

But this can expand to other areas of our lives too.

What about work? Do you pout? It’s all too easy.

What about at home? Sometimes that TV is more enjoyable than your home life. That’s bad. That’s really bad.

I didn’t want to

Too many times I’ve made decisions I didn’t want to remember. Whether that is making fun of someone, lashing out in anger, or not listening to God’s calling, this comes in many forms.

So how do we change? I know I’ve had to be intentional. I read, and I found myself not remembering what I read. Why? Because I’d trained myself to not remember. It can be so easy! So now? I write underline, re-read, write a summary after I finish. I even have a Quote document with all my favorite quotes.

We need to build our lives around remembering. But also, we need to make our lives worth remembering.